Nitrous Oxide

Sedation Dentistry

We provide a child friendly environment and always try to make a child feel at ease using behavior management techniques, but sometimes dentistry can be overwhelming for children. We offer nitrous oxide, oral sedation as well as sleep dentistry. At the time of consultation we will discuss which method is best for your child.

When a child feels anxious during dental treatment, they may require more support than a gentle caring manner to feel comfortable. Nitrous oxide/oxygen is a safe and effective technique to calm your child’s anxiety during treatment. Your child will smell a sweet pleasant aroma and will experience a sense of calmness and well-being. One main advantage is that the effects of nitrous are completely reversible and your child can return to school that same day.

Upon the consultation visit we will determine if nitrous oxide is an option for your child. The preoperative and post operative instructions will be reviewed in detail and recommendations will be made based upon the best interest of your child.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation involves the administration of one or more oral sedatives, in which the overall goal is to calm and relax your child during treatment in the office. There are many factors that must be discussed when deciding if oral sedation is an option for your child. Some of these include 

  1. Weight and age of child
  2. Behavior and level of anxiety
  3. Extensive treatment plan
  4. Medical history

Oral sedation can have the following effects on children

  • Drowsiness – this will last from 2-4 hours after the appointment. Please watch your child because his/her stability will not be normal for this period of time. 
  • Amnesic effect – most children will not remember the dental procedures due to the medication. 
  • Vomiting – this may occur; it usually occurs 1-2 hours after the dental appointment due to dizziness. 
  • Some parents report that their children have daydreams during the appointment. 
  • A very small number of children get overexcited during the procedure, usually after a period of drowsiness.

Upon the consultation visit we will determine if oral sedation is an option for your child. The preoperative and post operative instructions will be review

General Anesthesia

General anesthesia involves the use of sedative agents administered by a medical or dental anesthesiologist. Your child will be asleep for the dental procedure. Depending on your child’s age, behaviour, or extensive treatment needs, a general anesthesia may be recommended. The General anesthesia may be performed in a private facility or at McMaster Hospital and at the time of consultation both avenues will be discussed. The goal is to provide a safe environment and a positive experience for your child.